Macmillan Resources and Content Use Guidelines for Teachers, Librarians, and Parents

We hope you’re doing well and staying safe. As you and your readers transit to working and learning from home, just know that we’re here to help! 

With many schools around the country closed, and more closing daily, Macmillan wants to support teachers, librarians and parents as they work to keep their students and children engaged with reading and learning via virtual classrooms and other forms of remote learning. During this emergency and when their schools are closed, we have no objection to: (1) teachers and librarians live streaming or posting videos reading our children’s books to their students, provided it is done on a noncommercial basis and (2) authors live streaming or posting videos reading their children’s books, provided it is done on a noncommercial basis. See the official guidelines for using Macmillan content in media here.

Looking for authors to participate in virtual events? Find a list of available authors on Edelweiss.

With various conferences and festivals canceled, you can still make sure you’re up-to-date on what books are upcoming this spring and summer! Check us out on NetGalley, browse, and request new digital ARCs to download!

You can find digital resources on our website including curriculum guides, at-home activity ideas, book recommendations, collection development tips, and more.

Be on the look out for more resources to come and follow us on Twitter @MacKidsSL for more updates.