Staff Picks: Spring 2020 Picture Books

Add these picture books to your must-read list! The School & Library team shares more about these outstanding staff picks here.

PAPA BRINGS ME THE WORLD by Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw
On Sale May 5, 2020

Cierra Bland, Assistant

“In Papa Brings Me the World, a young girl dreams of traveling the world like her father, a photojournalist. When he comes home from a trip he always has a trinket or story, little pieces of culture from everywhere he goes that he brings home to her. Based on the author’s own father who traveled often, this story is lovely and heartwarming, but it is the art that makes it awe-inspiring. Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw’s collage work is fantastic. The attention to detail and thoughtful choices in color, pattern, and texture makes the entire book an art piece worthy of sharing with readers and fans of fine art alike. —Cierra Bland    

BE AMAZING by Desmond is Amazing
Illustrated by Dylan Glynn
On Sale July 21, 2020

Katie Halata, Associate Director

“Author Desmond is Amazing lives by the motto ‘Be yourself, always.’ Desmond spreads this message, along with messages of unconditional acceptance, pride, and love, in his debut picture book Be Amazing. This uplifting, nonfiction picture book gives readers an introduction to the history of the fight for LGBTQ rights, highlighting figures who Desmond says paved the way for him to be whoever he wanted to be. Desmond’s inspiring message is enhanced by the amazing illustrations of Dylan Glynn making this a must have book for your library or classroom.”Katie Halata

ALL WELCOME HERE by James Preller
Illustrated by Mary GrandPre
On Sale June 16, 2020

Melissa, Katie, Kristen, and Cierra

A stunning picture book that celebrates all things back-to-school and captures all the excitement and anxiety that students feel at the start of a new year. All Welcome Here features haiku poetry by acclaimed children’s author James Preller and stunning painting-and collage art from Mary GrandPre, the world-reknowned illustrator who readers may recognize from her illustrations in the Harry Potter series. 

This beautiful book is destined to become an evergreen favorite for new students who share these experiences during this special time of year: Buying new school supplies, running to catch the school bus, finding your new classroom, meeting your teachers, and making new friends. My favorite spread is the illustration of the school’s library, or as the text describes it, ‘the school’s heart beat.’ Featuring a diverse cast of characters, this book is perfect for back-to-school storytimes or anytime you want to remind your community that all are welcome in your school or library.”–Kristen Luby, Manager

A LITTLE SPACE FOR ME by Jennifer Gray Olson
On Sale July 28, 2020

Melissa Croce, Associate Manager

“Have you ever felt that the world is just too much? Not merely what’s happening in the world, but the world itself: its scents, its sounds, its smells– the chaotic energy and the constant activity. The little bespectacled protagonist of this deeply relatable picture book just wants to get a little distance, a little space, away from a world that can be both wonderful yet overwhelming. She creates space– to be interpreted as either alone time, or a general inner peace she feels from this alone time– and bottles it up, carrying it around with her whenever she needs it. Gently exploring the healthiness of boundaries and alone time through adorable and awe-inspiring art, this book is perfect for larger storytimes and reading one-on-one, snug in your own space.”–Melissa Croce

On Sale August 4, 2020

Lucy Del Priore, Director

“One day, a child draws a horse and then tells Mom how beautiful and special their horse Randy is. So now, of course, Randy thinks and knows that he is oh-so-beautiful and special! From his gorgeous mane and dazzling smile to his skills as chef and adventurer – Randy is unstoppable. That is until he sees his own reflection and then realizes, hey wait, where is the gorgeous mane and dazzling smile?? But Randy’s self-love comes right back once he realizes that he is loved for being exactly who he is, no matter how “badly drawn” he is. Illustrated with crayon drawings and familiar arts-and-crafts materials including popsicle sticks and glitter glue, this is an imaginative laugh-out-loud book that celebrates being proud of, and comfortable with, who you are.”–Lucy Del Priore