Staff Picks: Winter 2020 Picture Books

Staff Picks: Winter 2020 Picture Books

Add these picture books to your must-read list! The School & Library team shares more about these outstanding staff picks here.

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Illustrated by Ekua Holmes
On Sale January 14, 2020

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Katie Halata, Associate Director

“Told through the eyes of a young African American girl, Black Is a Rainbow Color is a celebration of all the meaningful interpretations of the color black, not only as a color but as a culture to be celebrated. Caldecott Honoree and CSK Award winning illustrator Ekua Holmes shines as she brings this moving debut picture book to life through stunning collage art. Readers will pore over the detailed illustrations and a wealth of backmatter will help parents and educators continue the conversation long after the final spread.”–Katie Halata    

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Illustrated by Gilbert Ford
On Sale February 4, 2020

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Melissa Croce, Associate Manager

“This lively picture book tells the story of Alice Ramsey, a young woman who became the first woman to drive a car across the continental United States. Alice was enthralled with driving cars, and attracted the notice of the makers of Maxwell cars when she entered a two-day driving endurance test and received a perfect score. They challenged her to drive one of their cars across the country to prove that their cars were so easy to drive that ‘even a woman could do it.’ Alice took their challenge, and, after two months and nearly 4000 miles, succeeded. Paired with joyful, bright illustrations, Alice and the places she travelled come to life. Additional backmatter on Alice and early twentieth-century cars nicely rounds-out the story. Adventurers and car-lovers alike will love this story!”Melissa Croce

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SUNNY by Celia Krampien
On Sale February 4, 2020

Staff Picks: Winter 2020 Picture Books
Lucy Del Priore, Director

“Sunny always tries to stay positive, no matter what the situation. If others see yucky, chilly rain on a school morning, Sunny thinks it’s the perfect day to use her new umbrella! But on this particular day, Sunny is challenged over and over again to remain optimistic while on her arduous journey to school. Luckily, some feathered friends lend a hand–or rather ‘some wings’–to help her out! The popping artwork along with its ‘most people’ refrain and message of optimism, make this a great storytime selection, regardless of the weather outside!”–Lucy Del Priore

sunny image
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Illustrated by Michaela Goade
On Sale March 17, 2020

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Cierra Bland, Assistant

“Stunningly illustrated by Michaela Goade, We Are Water Protectors tells the story of the struggle to protect our most important natural resource. This book highlights the work of Native people around the world who have been organizing and fighting to guarantee access to safe water not just for their communities, but for all of us. We Are Water Protectors is a necessary, moving book that illustrates the power of community action.”–Cierra Bland

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A BOOK FOR ESCARGOT by Dashka Slater
Illustrated by Sydney Hanson
On Sale April 7, 2020

Staff Picks: Winter 2020 Picture Books 3
Kristen Luby, Manager

“Escargot returns with another très magnifique picture book about his journey to the library to check out a new cookbook. Along the way, he asks readers about their favorite books and prompts them to write their own story–starring a brave snail hero on a journey, of course. Start practicing your French accent–this hilarious read-aloud is the perfect way to teach young readers the elements of storywriting–and that handsome snails should not be cooked for dinner.”–Kristen Luby

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