Staff Picks: Winter 2020 Middle Grade

Staff Picks: Winter 2020 Middle Grade

The School & Library team shares some of our favorite upcoming middle grade books here.



GO WITH THE FLOW by Lily Williams and Karen Schneemann
Illustrated by Lily Williams
On Sale January 14, 2020

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Kristen Luby, Manager

“High school is full of challenges–from making new friends, to bullying, to getting your first period, to first crushes, to rejection, and discovering your sexuality. When sophomore Abby discovers that there are no tampons or pads in her school’s bathroom, she decides this is a challenge she can tackle. With the help of her three best friends, she spreads the word online to help fight period stigma and period poverty, and inspire real change in her community. Heartwarming, relatable, and empowering, this period positive friendship story is a graphic novel I wish I could have read when I was in high school.”–Kristen Luby

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On Sale February 4, 2020

Melissa Croce, Associate Manager

“Snapdragon, called Snap, befriends the rumored Town Witch, Jacks, when Snap needs Jacks’ help caring for orphaned baby possums. Jacks is kind of creepy–she sells roadkill skeletons online–but she’s just a cool old lady, and before long Snap is Jacks’ unofficial roadkill apprentice. The more Snap gets to know Jacks, though, she can’t help but wonder if Jacks’ is really a witch all along– and if Snap could be one, too. This book is for anyone who loves the weird and the slightly strange; who knows that appearances can be deceiving, and people are connected in ways they can’t imagine; and who knows that magic, like adventure, is out there.Melissa Croce

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INVESTIGATORS by John Patrick Green
On Sale February 25, 2020

Cierra Bland, Assistant

“Hilarity ensues when Mango and Brash, the alligator investigators of the S.U.I.T. (Special Undercover Investigation Teams) get on the case of the missing cupcake chef, Gustavo Mustachio. Armed with costumes and seemingly unlimited puns, Mango and Brash embark on a journey to find out what happened to Chef Gustavo. The bright and cartoon-ish art of this new series will keep readers coming back for more hijinks and adventures. Plus– it’s just plain fun.”–Cierra Bland    

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On Sale March 31, 2020

Lucy Del Priore, Director

“Libby is a plucky and determined 12-year-old who’s not letting her Turner syndrome interfere with her grand plans. You see, Libby’s made a deal with the universe that includes entering a science contest (based on astronomer Cecelia Payne) so that she can give the prize money to her financially-struggling older sister. And that’s just one part of her plan! Libby is so endearing, learning how to work through her social and physical challenges for the sake of her family and her goals. This is a heartwarming story that you’ll want to share with kids who like Rain Reign and Wonder. The author, Sarah Allen, based some of Libby’s emotions/experiences on her own childhood.”–Lucy Del Priore

On Sale April 14, 2020

Katie Halata, Associate Director

“This book is something special. Coping with the aftermath of a domestic violence incident Sam and her sister, Caitlin, are sent to live with their aunt in Oregon. It’s there that Sam is introduced to a whimsical card game featuring several charming woodland creatures including a sly fox. It’s not long before these characters come to life and present Sam with an enticing offer–pass their tests and be given the chance to go back home, back to the way things were before she spoke up. As magic and reality blur, Same is swept up in a game she may not be prepared to play. Jenn Reese depicts this complex topic with honesty and care while exploring the thin line between magic and reality, darkness and light. A must read.”Katie Halata