Staff Picks – March 2024

Staff Picks – March 2024

Read below to find our staff picks for March 2024 and learn more about these must-reads!

March 2024 Staff picks

How Lucky Am I?
by Scott Hoying and Mark Hoying; illustrated by Steph Lew
On Sale May 21st
Ages 4-8

EV Staff pick

How Lucky Am I? is a heartfelt, lyrical picture book about two mayflies who fall in love while following their unique journeys through the world. They can’t help but wonder at the luck they’ve found, and Steph Lew’s magical imagery pairs well to show the incandescence of falling in love and experiencing life with a kindred spirit. The illustrations are beautiful, transporting you into an enchanting paradise of vibrant creatures and the most beautiful aurora borealis. This story is the perfect song of hope for anyone, relaying that your sense of wonder and exploration will lead you to serendipitous encounters– both with the natural world and with yourself.“—Elysse Villalobos, Associate Marketing Manager

Coretta: The Autobiography of Mrs. Coretta Scott King
By Coretta Scott King; illustrated by Ekua Holmes
On Sale Now
Ages 4-8

MVA Staff pick for Coretta

“This Women’s History Month, read and share Coretta Scott King’s autobiography Coretta. Caldecott Honoree and CSK John Steptoe Award Winner Ekua Holmes brings Coretta Scott King’s life to the page in brilliant, collaged art, combining photos and news clippings with her trademark vibrant art. Coretta Scott King’s words are an inspiration for the next generation of changemakers and activists, giving hope for a better future.” – Mary Van Akin, Director of School & Library Marketing

Just Say Yes
By Goldy Moldavsky
On Sale Now
Ages 14-18

EDJ Staff pick

“Don’t let the beautiful pink, flowery cover fool you–Just Say Yes may be a charming, romantic read, but it’s one that is brimming with deep emotions and complex situations. 

Jimena Ramos is a popular, vivacious 17-year-old from New York, but her life takes a turn when she finds out she’s undocumented. She realizes that her mother’s overprotectiveness and distrust of the police was not just your average strict parent behavior, but rather a deep fear of the consequences of being undocumented in America. After doing her research, Jimena discovers there is only one possibility to get her green card in a timely manner: marry an American man. But despite her beauty and popularity, finding someone to marry right away isn’t as easy as Jimena hoped. I adored Jimena’s character and strength, even if at times she doesn’t believe she is as brave as she is. Author Goldy Moldavsky carefully balances the teenage experience with sociopolitical realities in this fast-paced, engaging YA contemporary novel.” – Elise Damasco, MCPG Intern

Call Me Iggy
By Jorge Aguirre; illustrated by Rafael Rosado
On Sale Now
Ages 14-18

MBE Staff pick

Call Me Iggy by Jorge Aguirre and Rafael Rosado is a YA graphic novel that truly contains multitudes: a heartfelt exploration of one’s identity- or rather, identities-, vibrant and character driven art, a (friendly) ghost just bursting with questionable advice, a prismatic look at the varying experiences of Latinx Americans, and most of all, a teenage protagonist who truly feels like an actual teenager. This book is subtly powerful and not-so-subtly FUNNY, and with two starred reviews and counting, I’m clearly not the only one who thinks so!” – Molly Ellis, VP, Executive Director of Publicity

You Are Fearless: A Book for the Littlest Taylor Swift Fans
By Odd Dot; illustrated by Laura Catrinella
On Sale Now
Ages 3-6

AQ Staff picks

You Are Fearless is the perfect inspirational read-aloud for young Swifties! This picture book offers a timeless introduction to global icon Taylor Swift, capturing her early songwriting days through to her trailblazing present, where she inspires fans across the globe on and off the stage. Brimming with positive affirmations and filled with whimsical and bright illustrations by Laura Catrinella—including an adorable cameo from Taylor’s favorite felines—You Are Fearless encourages readers to have the confidence to fearlessly believe in themselves and in the power of their own unique voice. This uplifting book offers an empowering message to readers of all ages: following your heart and believing in your wildest dreams never go out of style. ” Alexandra Quill, Senior Marketing Manager