Staff Picks: Fall 2019 Picture Books

Staff Picks: Fall 2019 Picture Books

Add these picture books to your must-read list! The School & Library team shares more about these outstanding staff picks here.



Listen by Holly M. McGhee, illustrated by Pascal Lemaître
On Sale September 3, 2019


“From a New York Times bestselling team, LISTEN encourages readers to use their five senses to truly listen to the big, beautiful world – of both people and nature – that we’re all a part of. With its childlike artwork, it’s a great read-aloud to have kids, of any age, thinking and talking about empathy and compassion.”

Lucy Del Priore, DIRECTOR
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If Elephants Disappeared by Lily Williams
On Sale September 17, 2019

elephants3 Elephants Disappeared

“Lily Williams continues to delight in the third installment of the Disappeared series. This time her focus is elephants. IF ELEPHANTS DISAPPEARED has everything that I look for in a picture book: informative, vibrant illustrations, and a slight feeling of existential dread. Anyone who has even the slightest concern for the future of our planet will enjoy this one!”

Cierra Bland, Marketing Assistant
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Cats Are Liquid by Rebecca Donnelly, illustrated by Misa Saburi
On Sale October 8, 2019


“As a wannabe cat lady I never would have imagined that my preferred domestic pet could be used as a vehicle to introduce readers to the physical properties of liquids! Rebecca Donnelly and Misa Saburi have done just that, creating a playful and charming picture book that celebrates cats in all their flowing, furry glory! Inspired by an Ig Nobel Prize-winning investigation of how cats behave like liquids this is the purrrrrfect blend of fact and fun!”

Katie Halata, Associate director

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Fry Bread by Kevin Noble Maillard;
illustrated by Juana Martinez-Neal
On Sale October 22, 2019


“Every culture’s food can tell a story, and fry bread is no exception. This beautifully illustrated picture book depicts children (from multiple races) helping to make fry bread with a Native American grandmother. Although there are many different Native American tribes, each with their own unique cultures and traditions, fry bread is prominent characteristic of many of them. This book shines as it gently references the often-tragic history of Native American tribes at the hands of white colonialism, but above all it emphasizes community and unity through the power of food. Kevin Noble Maillard’s author note is also not to be missed here. I can’t recommend this lovely book enough! A must-have for any collection, this book is essential for young readers on their journeys to becoming nuanced, global citizens.”

Melissa Croce, Associate Manager
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Red Rover by Richard Ho, illustrated by Katherine Roy
On Sale October 29, 2019


This beautiful picture book is a wonderful introduction to the ‘life’ of Curiosity, one of NASA’s intrepid Mars rovers which have captured the imagination (and hearts!) of people around the world. Award-winning illustrator Katherine Roy’s artwork is absolutely stunning–she transports readers to Mars, capturing the Red Planet in exquisite detail, as well as the challenges Curiosity faces there every day on its fact-finding mission. Author Richard Ho has included extensive backmatter that makes this out-of-this-world picture book a must for STEM curriculums.”

Kristen Luby, Manager
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