Staff Picks: Fall 2019 Middle Grade Books

The School & Library team shares some of our favorite upcoming middle grade books here.

Staff Picks: Fall 2019 Middle Grade Books 6

All the Impossible Things by Lindsay Lackey
On Sale September 3, 2019

Staff Picks: Fall 2019 Middle Grade Books-2

“This book was absolutely everything I wanted it to be. A beautiful story about friends and family and figuring out where you belong mixed with just the right amount of magic that readers will find themselves believing in all kinds of impossible things!  Ruby “Red” Byrd and her family stole my heart. I laughed and cried with them and wanted to read the whole thing all over again the minute I finished. Perfect for fans of WISHTREE, THE THING ABOUT JELLYFISH, and COUNTING BY 7s.”

Katie Halata, Associate Director

Stargazing by Jen Wang
On Sale September 10, 2019

Staff Picks: Fall 2019 Middle Grade Books-3

“There are tons of books about friendship, but few are as moving or as magical as Jen Wang’s friendship stories. Her latest, STARGAZING, is another shining example of her artistry and storytelling skills. Moon and Christine’s story is one about community and difference that will resonate with so many young people.”

Cierra Bland, Marketing Assistant

The Tornado by Jake Burt
On Sale October 1, 2019

Staff Picks: Fall 2019 Middle Grade Books-4

“Bell is a smart kid who uses his smarts to avoid Parker, the school bully. When a new girl becomes Parker’s latest target, Bell has to make a decision – stand up to Parker or join him. It’s a classic-feeling story of speaking up, supporting your friends, and how a group STEM project can be the catalyst for change! It’s an appealing mix of realism with a dash of humor on a serious topic.”

LUCY Del Priore, Marketing Director

Give and Take by Elly Swartz
On Sale October 15, 2019

Staff Picks: Fall 2019 Middle Grade Books-5

“Seventh grader Maggie is dealing with a lot of change: her family is fostering a newborn who is going to her forever home soon, Maggie’s grandmother recently passed away, and her friend is leaving their trapshooting squad. To cope with these changes, Maggie begins to save mementos in a box beneath her bed–but soon her collection grows beyond her control. With the guidance of her new therapist, Maggie learns that impermanence and change are part of life–and you can rely on family and friends to help navigate those changes. This is a sweet and sensitive book about childhood anxiety that will help young readers process big emotions.” 

Kristen Luby, MaNager

Under the Broken Sky by Mariko Nagai
On Sale October 15, 2019


“While World War II books about Europe are plentiful, it’s important to acknowledge how this tragic series of events impacted many more people than just Europeans. Told in verse, UNDER THE BROKEN SKY follows a Japanese family and takes place in 1940s Manchuria. Twelve-year-old Natsu and her family are torn apart in the war: her father is recruited into the Japanese army, and, left alone and starving, Natsu must save younger sister Cricket by selling her to a Russian family during the Soviet occupation. When she is able, Natsu will do anything to get her beloved sister back. Beautifully told, this powerful story is one that demands to be heard.”

Melissa Croce, Associate Manager