Teacher’s Guide: I Wish For You by David Wax, illustrated by Brett Blumenthal

I Wish For You by David Wax, illustrated by Brett Blumenthal
Ages 3-6
On Sale April 5th, 2022

A moving and beautiful keepsake book for fans of On the Night You Were Born.

I wish for you, my little one…

What do you wish for your child? Do you wish for them to be kind? To be strong? To be proud of who they are?

From courageous lions and wise owls to playful dolphins and wolves finding their voices, this timeless and lushly illustrated book explores the values we can draw from the wondrous and inspiring natural world around us.

Gentle and affirming, the lyrical text takes readers through the qualities we wish to instill in our children, helping them grow into resilient, assured, and happy individuals. I Wish for You is both a celebration of nature as well as a love letter to a child.

A book meant to be treasured, I Wish for You is the perfect gift for baby showers, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, graduations, and anytime you wish to share a lasting keepsake and a gift of inspiration.

In the I Wish for You Wildlife teacher’s guide we showcase twelve different animal species, each representing a specific value that we all hope to instill in our children. We believe that biodiversity is an essential component of the health of our planet and encourage you to discuss these animals with your students to help them understand more about these beautiful creatures.

In the I Wish for You SEL/VALUES teacher’s guide we discuss twelve different values that we feel are important in building a child’s confidence, happiness, and purposefulness. The SEL / Values Teaching guide provides a wonderful way to introduce the twelve values to your students and is a perfect supplement to any Social-Emotional Learning curriculum you may already be using.

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