Storytime Kit: Hello, Arnie

Arnie is excited to say hello to all his pastry friends in the bakery. There are all the usual confection suspects: Chocolate, Glazed, French Twist, Long John, and Crueller. But there is one pastry that he’s never met before. This pastry looks nothing like the others. Hmmm. Who could it be? Spoiler alert—it’s the Reader!

This charming picture book introduces children to everyone’s favorite doughnut through a series of questions that the youngest reader will love taking part in.

“Would that all newcomers, to school or elsewhere, whatever their differences, received the same warm collective welcome Arnie and his fellow baked goods thereupon offer in the luscious climactic spread. Donut expect this to pass young audiences without causing a sprinkle of giggles.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Varying perspectives and layouts add humor, such as a montage of Arnie modeling ways to wear frosting and sprinkles (check out that sweet, sweet mustache). With engaging direct-address elements to encourage participation, this fanciful, gleeful read is sure to entertain, particularly during group story times.”–Booklist