Staff Picks – January 2023

Read below to find our staff picks for January 2023 and learn more about these must-reads!

By Claribel A. Ortega; illustrated by Rose Bousamra
On Sale Now
Ages 8-12

Frizzy is a graphic novel everyone should read if they are struggling with accepting their natural hair! As someone who had to straighten my hair every month, I find what Marlene goes through to be relatable. This five starred graphic novel might be for middle graders but I believe every age range will do well with this book! It is a great story that talks about selflove. You will not be able to put it down!”
– Grace Tyler, Marketing Assistant

The Lost Year
by Katherine Marsh
On sale January 17th
Ages 10-14

“I like to think of Katherine Marsh’s middle grade novels as brussels sprouts: they’re hearty and good for you, but also so delicious that you can’t put them down until you’re done! Her latest, THE LOST YEAR, is the perfect example of this – it’s an incredibly timely, page-turning story of family, survival, and sacrifice, that pairs the stories of multiple generations; one living through the coronavirus pandemic, the other living through Holodomor, the unthinkable famine that killed millions of Ukrainians, and which the Soviet government covered up for decades. This book provides context and history related to current events in Ukraine, sheds light on an underrepresented moment in history, and entertains the entire way through.
-Molly Ellis VP, Executive Director of Publicity

Saints of the Household
by Ari Tison
On March 28th
Ages 14-18

“I couldn’t put Saints of the Household down. The story of brotherhood at the break of adulthood made me nostalgic for my own young adult brothers. Tison paints a very real family dynamic with such care. You feel all the chaos and tenderness of Max and Jay’s growth journey, and you root for them.
-Elysse Villalobos Associate Marketing Manager