ONLINE ACTIVITY: A Dog-Friendly Town

Experiment with children’s book author Josephine Cameron and her brother, Alan, as they explore the tinkering projects found in Josephine’s newest novel, A DOG-FRIENDLY TOWN. Learn how to make brushbots and kinetic POP-sicle sticks, and discover ways to invent your own gadgets using parts you can find around the house. All you have to do is follow your curiosity!

Josephine Cameron’s A Dog-Friendly Town is a delightful middle-grade cozy caper sure to excite dog-lovers and gentle mystery readers alike!

Twelve-year-old Epic McDade isn’t ready for middle school. He’d rather help out at his family’s dog-friendly bed n’ breakfast all summer, or return to his alternative elementary school in the fall, where learning feels safe. But change comes in all shapes and fur colors. When Carmelito, California is named America’s #1 Dog-Friendly Town, all the top dogs and their owners pour into Epic’s sleepy seaside neighborhood for a week of celebration.

The McDades are in dog heaven with all the new business until a famous dog’s jewel-encrusted collar goes missing. Every guest is a suspect, and Epic will have to embrace new friends and new ideas to sniff out the culprit before the week is through.