Activity Kit: More Than Words by Roz MacLean

Looking for the perfect pick for a back-to-school read? More Than Words by Roz MacLean emphasizes the different forms communication can take and how we can better listen to and respect these modes of expression.

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About the Book

More than Words: So Many Ways to Say What We Mean by Roz MacLean
Ages 3-6

In the tradition of All Are Welcome and The Day You Begin comes a touching picture book about the many unique ways we communicate, and how we can better listen to and respect these different modes of expression.

Nathan doesn’t say much.
He sure has a lot on his mind, though.

At school, Nathan quietly observes the ways his peers communicate. Even when they’re not talking, they’re expressing themselves in all sorts of ways!

By witnessing the beauty of communication diversity, Nathan learns and shows his classmates the essential lesson: Not only does everyone have something to say, but seeking to understand one another can be the greatest bridge to friendship and belonging.

This tender, stunningly illustrated picture book explores and celebrates the many forms of expression—signing, speaking, singing, smiling, among others— and culminates in a poignant story about connection and understanding.