Graphic Novel Preview: Continental Drifter by Kathy MacLeod

Graphic Novel Preview: Continental Drifter by Kathy MacLeod

Graphic Novel Preview: Continental Drifter

Our Graphic Novel Preview series invites readers to look inside graphic novels. This month, we’re highlighting a middle-grade graphic novel, Continental Drifter by Kathy MacLeod, on sale now!

With a Thai mother and an American father, Kathy lives in two different worlds. She spends most of the year in Bangkok, where she’s secretly counting the days till summer vacation. That’s when her family travels for twenty-four hours straight to finally arrive in a tiny seaside town in Maine.

Kathy loves Maine’s idyllic beauty and all the exotic delicacies she can’t get back home, like clam chowder and blueberry pie. But no matter how hard she tries, she struggles to fit in. She doesn’t look like the other kids in this rural New England town. Kathy just wants to find a place where she truly belongs, but she’s not sure if it’s in America, Thailand . . . or anywhere.

“The simple yet expressive art style is charming and at times poignant, showing the family dynamics and the secrets locked within people’s hearts… A heartfelt story honestly and evocatively told.” —Kirkus Reviewsstarred review

Readers will be heartened by the message that, while some families don’t always seem like they make sense, they still have a lot of love for one another.” –Booklist

Continental Drifter offers honest, sometimes painful, insight into growing up as part of two cultures and will help anyone who has ever felt lonely in their own family, or even with friends, process the emotions that come with trying to fit in.” –School Library Journal

A fantastic story about the awkward feelings of being from neither here nor there, which will speak to all immigrant kids and their families.” —Dan Santat, National Book Award winner and author of A First Time for Everything

Heartfelt and honest, this book will have you rooting for little Kathy in her search for belonging.”
—Remy Lai, author of Pie in the Sky and Pawcasso