Graphic Novel Preview: Ash’s Cabin by Jen Wang

Graphic Novel Preview: Ash’s Cabin by Jen Wang

Graphic Novel Preview: Ash's Cabin

Our Graphic Novel Preview series invites readers to look inside graphic novels. This month, we’re highlighting a young adult graphic novel, Ash’s Cabin by Jen Wang, on sale 08/13/2024!

Ash has always felt alone.

Adults ignore the climate crisis. Other kids Ash’s age are more interested in pop stars and popularity contests than in fighting for change. Even Ash’s family seems to be sleepwalking through life.

The only person who ever seemed to get Ash was their Grandpa Edwin. Before he died, he used to talk about building a secret cabin, deep in the California wilderness. Did he ever build it? What if it’s still there, waiting for him to come back…or for Ash to find it? To Ash, that maybe-mythical cabin is starting to feel like the perfect place for a fresh start and an escape from the miserable feeling of alienation that haunts their daily life.

But making the wilds your home isn’t easy. And as much as Ash wants to be alone…can they really be happy alone? Can they survive alone?

From New York Times–bestselling author and illustrator Jen Wang comes a singularly affecting story about self-discovery, self-reliance, and the choice to live when it feels like you have no place in the world.