Celebrate your favorite librarian with our Dear Librarian contest!

Celebrate your favorite librarian with our Dear Librarian contest!

Celebrate your favorite librarian with our Dear Librarian contest


In honor of our new picture book Dear Librarian, on sale June 1,
we’re hosting a librarian appreciation contest!

Nominate a librarian who made a difference in your life
for their chance to win a $1,000 Amex gift card
and a collection of books for their libraries!
(Contest ends Friday, April 30, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. ET)

Dear Librarian

Dear Librarian by Lydia Lydia M. Sigwarth; illustrated by Romina Galotta; foreword by Ira Glass, host and executive producer of This American Life

When Lydia was five years old, she and her family had to leave their home. They hopped from Grandma’s house to Aunt Linda’s house to Cousin Alice’s house, but no place was permanent. Then one day, everything changed. Lydia’s mom took her to a new place — not a house, but a big building with stone columns, and tall, tall steps. The library.

In the library, Lydia found her special spot across from the sunny window, at a round desk. For behind that desk was her new friend, the librarian. Together, Lydia and the librarian discovered a world beyond their walls, one that sparkled with spectacular joy.

Paired with warm art by newcomer Romina Galotta and a foreword by Ira Glass, Dear Librarian is a “thank you” to anyone who has offered a child love and support during a difficult time.



About the Author:


Lydia M. Sigwarth is an author and children’s librarian in Wisconsin. Being a librarian has been her dream job since she was a small child – well, either that or a time-traveling girl detective/ballerina (sadly the latter didn’t end up being a viable option due to technological limitations.) Lydia Margaret currently lives in Platteville, Wisconsin with her family. In her spare time she reads, plays ukulele, and watches posh British shows with pretty costumes. Her absolute favorite thing to do is talk books with budding bookworms. Dear Librarian is her debut picture book.

About the Illustrator:

Romina Galotta is an illustrator, ardent animal lover, passionate foodie, and world traveler. She is also the artist for The Biggest Thing of All. She currently lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina.