Celebrate Back-to-School with !

Celebrate Back-to-School with ALL WELCOME HERE!

Celebrate Back-to-School with ALL WELCOME HERE


Download the free All Welcome Here Storytime Kit!

Award-winning children’s book author James Preller teamed up with artist Mary GrandPré (best known for her Harry Potter illustrations) to create All Welcome Here! This essential back-to-school picture book celebrates the first day of school and honors teachers and librarians for all of the hard work you do to establish a welcoming, inclusive, safe space for children in your classroom and library.

In honor of the book and its messages of inclusion, laughter, and kindness, we are organizing an #AllWelcomeHere First Week of School Celebration to bring even more joy and happiness to the back-to-school season.

Bring All Welcome Here into your classroom or library this fall,
whether it be virtually or in-person!

Here are some easy ways to create a welsome space in your school or library:

  • Read! the book aloud during your first week back to school.
  • Write! your own back-to-school haiku as a class or individually.
  • Decorate! the All Welcome Here sign found in the activity kit and hang it on the door of your classroom and library. If you’re feeling adventurous, team up with the rest of your grade to decorate an All Welcome Here sign for your hallway!
  • Post! your storytime, haikus, and All Welcome Here signs on social media, tagging #AllWelcomeHere and @MacKidsBooks and @MacKidsSL

Kick off the school year with tons of fun and establish a year-long mentality of kindness and inclusion in your classroom or library!