MacKids Book Buzz: Mark Siegel Interviews Nidhi Chanani, Faith Erin Hicks, and Kate Reed Petty

Watch our Book Buzz event, first featured at ALA Midwinter 2021! First Second Editorial Director Mark Siegel interviews Nidhi Chanani, Faith Erin Hicks, and Kate Reed Petty.

Important Timestamps:
2:50 – Comics answer the question: What’s it like to be creative during the pandemic?
6:52 – Mark Siegel asks how stress levels impact the creative life.
9:10 – Mark Siegel talks about the demand for entertainment during the pandemic and the switch to remote working.
12:57 – Kate Reed Petty on The Leak
16:48 – Nidhi Chanani on Jukebox
20:35 – Faith Hicks on her works, including the new full-color edition of Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong

Check out more information on these titles by clicking on their covers linked below!